Zesta Environmental Solutions

Environmental Consultant in Accra

A quick overview of our services

Zesta Environmental Solutions Ltd. is an integrated environmental firm that provides bespoke and turnkey solutions to various environmental issues.

Our Services

  • Effluent/Wastewater Treatment Systems
    • Reverse Osmosis Plant
    • Sequential Batch Reactor
    • Tubular UF/MF Membrane and Equipment
    • Containerized WWTP
    • Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)
    • Anaerobic Baffle Reactor (ABR)
    • Anaerobic Filter Systems
    • Anaerobic-Oxic STP
    • Grease Traps
  • Sewage Treatment Systems
    • Biogas Digester

    • Biofil Digester

    • ABR Systems

  • Community Water Supply
    • Borehole drilling and Treatment

    • Consultancy
    • Writing of Environmental Reports

  • Cleaning Services
    • Office Cleaning
    • Residential Cleaning
    • Post-Construction Cleaning
    • Move-in, move-out cleaning
    • Post Event Cleaning

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